Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Inside The Mind Of An Invisible Narcopath

The Mask of Sanity
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"You don't know me.  You may think that you do but you don't.  Not really.

You don't know me because I am made of you and you are made of me.

You are made of me because you are what I have manipulated you into becoming and yet you can't even see it...

... and I can take it away just as easily... but I won't. I won't because I have too much control over you and although you don't know it, you are just another source of narcissistic supply...

... You may think you know me but you don't.  You don't know the real me.  For I have spent years dedicated to fabricating my false exterior and this fabrication has now become my reality, my true reality.  My lies are now the truth - they are my truth... but you can never see through my facade because I play my part so perfectly, so flawlessly and with such charisma that you fall for it every time.

Of course, I would never admit it - not to you, not to anyone else and not to my self, my real, real  self.

You may think you know me  but you don't.  You are a fool.  You are a fool for allowing me to control you the way I do and yet you don't even realize that I'm doing it.  That makes you less of a person than me and deserving of being controlled in such a way.  That makes me omnipotent. I have that special gift - that special gift of being able to 'switch off' my conscience - that gift that you are not blessed with. That makes you weak.

You believe my lies and continue to believe my lies not realizing that it's all just a part of my facade.

You become a part of my delusion, a part of the new reality that I have created... but should you ever attempt to expose my secret power then you will feel my wrath - you will pay the price."

 - the invisible narcopath

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Acquired Situational Narcissism (ASN)

Celebrities and narcissism
Can Narcissism Be Acquired?

According to Dr Robert B Millman, it can. To describe this acquisition, Dr Millman coined the term Acquired Situational Narcissism. Dr Robert B Millman is a Professor of Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University.

According to Dr Millman, Acquired Situational Narcissism (or ASN), is triggered and exacerbated by our celebrity-obsessed society which encourages such behaviour and can be brought on during either adolescence or adulthood. Initially, the excessive narcissism is brought on by wealth, fame and the celebrity lifestyle.

Millman claims that celebrities become so accustomed to the celebrity lifestyle, with the media treating them as though they are much more important than they really are, that whilst they are the focus of attention and everybody is looking at them, this causes them to stop looking back at other people.

Millman proposes that being treated in such a way can cause what might have started as narcissistic tendencies to develop into a full-blown personality disorder.

The only difference between Acquired Situational Narcissism and standard Narcissistic Personality Disorder, is that ASN develops later in life and the fact that it is encouraged by others (fans, admirers, press, media, etc).

Millman also proposes that people with ASN are more likely to suffer with unstable relationships, substance misuse and erratic behaviour due to "the lack of social norms, controls, and of people telling them how life really is."

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Invisible (Stealth) Narcissist & Secret Affairs

In addition to the traditional covert narcissist, another type of covert narcissist known as the invisible, or stealth, narcissist exists.

Stealth narcissists work in conjunction with classic covert narcissists and not only are they compatible with each other but they are a perfect match.

Whereas covert narcissists are cold, callous, manipulative and deceitful, stealth (or invisible) narcissists are of a more crafty, sneaky nature and ensure that they remain outside of the spotlight and hidden in the shadows.

Covert narcissists are generally notorious for maintaining secret affairs and covering up their tracks with expertise, ensuring that those affairs remain covered up with those affairs sometimes continuing for decades. Such affairs are often initiated in party settings where the covert narcissist may be able to blame their impulsive provocative behaviour on having too much to drink and making out it was a one-off event.

Any relationships initiated in this way by a covert narcissist often continue behind the scenes and in reality claims of drinking too much alcohol were used as an excuse to deter any further suspicion. The covert narcissist may therefore simultaneously encourage other people to focus solely on the one-off event, whenever it is mentioned, to give the impression that it was just a one-off event thereby deterring any suspicion that things could be carrying on behind the scenes.

Because invisible/stealth narcissists are so crafty and sneaky in their behaviour and the way they act, they provide a perfect match for the covert narcissist to carry out their affair with. Because the stealth narcissist is also dishonest, self-centered and deceitful, they may also have a relationship partner who they are cheating on but will continue to do so with ease as though it means nothing. Combined with the covert narcissist's superhuman capacity for psychological manipulation, the stealth narcissist's ability to remain in the shadows and out of sight provides the perfect opportunity for keeping such a deceitful relationship completely hidden.

In this respect, the covert narcissist will be the person who faces other people and who uses their capacity for manipulation to plant the seeds of deceit. At the same time, the stealth narcissist who they are having an affair with remains completely outside of those people's awareness - those people may not know who the stealth narcissist is, due to psychological misdirection, and if they were present when the affair was initiated then they may have even been deceived into believing that the person (the stealth narcissist) is no longer around.

Stealth/invisible narcissists are so stealthy that they can convince other people that they have left the location, or even the country, so that they can continue with their sordid affairs and this can often go on for several years.

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Monday, 3 August 2015

The Difference Between Narcissists, Sociopaths & Psychopaths (Narcissistic Vs Anti-Social)

Narcissists, Sociopaths & Psychopaths
Originally the term sociopath was used to describe someone with no shame or guilt, whereas the term psychopath was used to describe someone with no remorse or conscience. However, in recent times both terms have started to become used interchangably, though they are now considered to be derogatory.

Both sociopathy and psychopathy now fall under the broader diagnosis of Anti-Social Personality Disorder meaning that a sociopath and a psychopath are essentially now the same thing, despite their few differences. The term narcissist remains the same, however, and comes under the diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) - malignant narcissism, however, is a separate topic.

A narcissist could be considered to be a milder form of a sociopath/psychopath due to the fact they have little or no empathy and are often described as being in love with themselves. Narcissists do, however, suffer with an overwhelming sense of conscience.

The main difference between narcissists and sociopaths/psychopaths is that narcissists usually exploit people in order to compulsively portray a false self-image (and therefore require positive attention), whereas a sociopath/psychopath would exploit people for self-gratification (i.e. entertainment).

A psychopath would be most likely to work alone whereas a sociopath may have a team of people to do most of their dirty work for them.

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Friday, 3 July 2015

The Social Boundaries Of Sociopathy

Boundaries of Sociopathy
Every family has certain set social boundaries that they automatically adhere to, although those boundaries will inevitably be different for different families. Such boundaries are automatically set by the head(s) of the household and are an absolute necessity for a stable environment to live in, especially if children are involved.

Such social boundaries are set in order for the family members to maintain respect for the head(s) of the household and to continue to respect their position of authority, as long as that position of authority is not being abused. These boundaries are necessary and without them, members of the family would lose respect for those responsible for them and would soon lose respect their position of authority.

In other words, giving certain family members too much freedom and allowing them to overstep those boundaries on a continual basis is likely to result in not just a lack of respect and authority for those who should be in the authoritarian position (i.e. parents/guardians) but is also likely to result in the disrespectful family members attempting to take over that position of authority. Such positions of authority within family relationships are statutory rights, to overstep those boundaries is, in fact, a violation of basic human rights and is a criminal act. Overstepping such social boundaries is a sociopathic behaviour.

On the other hand, a parent or guardian who abuses their position of authority to control and manipulate other family members would also be overstepping the boundaries and violating the other family member's basic human rights - everyone has the right to live and that is a legal right which should never be violated. Doing so is nothing short of sociopathic abuse yet sometimes families have to deal with people who are not even part of their family attempting to take over their position(s) of authority or interfering with their basic human rights - such people are also committing sociopathic abuse and are usually either narcissists, sociopaths/psychopaths or histrionics.

In the real world (and not the deluded world of narcopaths), violating other people's basic human rights by violating their social boundaries and/or position(s) of authority is a shameless behaviour which is the result of psychiatric illness.

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Friday, 15 May 2015

The Covert & Elite Narcissist Conspiracy

Narcissist Secrets
The official diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) generally applies to those who are classic, or elite, narcissists. Whilst such people are labelled as being overt narcissists and often openly display their overt narcissistic behaviour, many of them also have a covert side; secrets, or things which are kept in the closet.

It's no secret that elite narcissists are often very successful people. The reason being that they will step on other people in order to get what they want and the way they use and manipulate people in such a way may be kept behind closed doors. Of course, many elite/classic narcissists manipulate their way into positions of authority and power which they can then use to further get away with manipulating people.

Some of them may be overtly very rich and successful and may be entrepreneurs. However, on a covert level it's also likely that many of them are consistently using underhand tactics to establish such a status or perhaps using legitimate businesses as a cover for criminal acts, such as secretly supplying illegal substances, for example.

Such narcissists also regard themselves as highly privileged people and believe that only other such privileged people are entitled to associate with them. They therefore may team up with other like-minded narcissists and may join secret societies such as the Freemasons, where they can form a circle of like-minded people within the society. Given the fact that they are so manipulative and exploitative, they will inevitably go on to develop some level of control over other members within the secret society thereby forming another secret society within the original secret society.

All victims of narcissistic abuse know for a fact that conspiracies do exist; they have been conspired against themselves by the narcissist(s) and their flying monkeys.There is nothing that can stop elite narcissists using covert forms of manipulation and abuse to make their way to the top. The elite narcissist uses their flying monkeys, or pawns, to manipulate their way to the top but the pawns don't realize it because the bigger picture has been compartmentalized; each flying monkey only knows enough to be able to carry out the task and make their contribution. Unbeknownst to them, their tasks are all part of a bigger picture leading to a final outcome.

Due to the way the bigger picture is compartmentalized and divided between the pawns, there is nothing that can stop elite narcissists from forming a covert hierarchy inside of an already existing organization; secret societies and governments being perfect examples, or even from forming a new organization from scratch for a new sub-organization to secretly operate within. In this sense, many narcissists are leading double lives and it's probable that many secret societies are founded by elite narcissists.

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Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Narcissist's Dance (Malignant Narcissism)

Narcissistic abuse is not consistent and it tends to happen in cycles getting increasingly worse over time. It's subtle, often covert, and insidious in nature. When a narcissist may be having a secret affair or even living an entire secret life (as some of them do) they will most likely act extremely happy with their relationship (usually because they are) and make out to their partner that everything is better than ever.

They will make their partner feel comfortable and they will make the effort to make the relationship work. Technically, for the narcissist, things are better than ever - the victim is allowing them to get away with their lies, abuse and cheating and the narcissist is successfully doing so. However, should the victim start to question the narcissist about any of their suspicions then this is when the abuse is likely to start once again.

The narcissist will start acting the victim once again, making out that they are sick and tired of such accusations and probably that the victim is paranoid and being abusive again. The narcissist will then proceed to destroy the victim's reputation by setting up a distortion campaign and spreading malicious lies and rumours mixed with negative truths about them behind their back, should the victim keep on pushing.

The victim will be deemed the crazy one unless they just shut up and let the narcissist carry on with their secret lies, abuse and sordid affairs indefinitely. The pattern is repeated throughout the entire relationship (the narcissist's dance).

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Cerebral Narcissism & The Covert Narcissist

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (Malignant Self-Love)

Overt Cerebral Narcissism
A Cerebral Narcissist is a person who is inflicted with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), who has a tendency to use their intelligence in order to put themselves up on a pedestal and to attain attention, whilst simultaneously trying to use their knowledge to make others seem inferior.

Cerebral narcissists always have a story to tell, no matter what the subject or topic is, and will often interrupt the conversation to shift the focus of attention on to themselves. They may do so whilst subtly belittling or degrading certain victims in seemingly innocent conversation, in order to make themselves seem more intelligent, and they will usually tell their story only how it relates to them.

Cerebral narcissists are quick to offer advice, believing that their words of advice are far more superior to anyone else's and that their advice should always be adhered to. Anyone who does not take their advice is seen as a fool in the eyes of the cerebral narcissist.

The cerebral narcissist believes that they always know best and they can never admit when they are wrong (even when proven wrong), no matter how distorted or skewed their information, advice or worldview is. Cerebral narcissists often put down and insult the people around them, to boost their own egotism and make themselves feel superior, regardless of their own flaws.

Covert Cerebral Narcissism
Despite the belief that narcissists are either cerebral or somatic, this isn't always the case. Covert narcissists tend to be a bit of both although they don't openly exhibit these behaviours. Because they are covert, or stealthy, they tend to keep their intelligence to themselves - they don't want their victim(s) knowing how clever they really are.

That way, if a victim does attempt to undermine their ability, intelligence or level of awareness (by secretly planning to escape, for example), the victim won't realize that the covert narcissist has already considered the situation and put security measures in place to prevent it from happening and are already watching them closely just in case.

In other words, the covert narcissist utilizes their cerebral narcissism sneakily, craftily, slyly and stealthily in order to keep their victim(s) tied to a leash, without actually ever openly displaying their true level of intelligence. Covert narcissists will take pride in successfully being able to do so and due to their secret "super-human" capacity for manipulation, will always manage to stay twenty-two steps ahead.

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Recognizing Psychological & Mental Abuse

Mental, or psychological, abuse happens when someone is trying to convince their victim that they have mental health issues, that they are insane, or that they are delusional or paranoid or suffer with some other kind of mental deficiency, when in reality they are of sound mind.

This type of abuse is often used when the abuser has something to hide, such as a secret affair or the guilt of a crime they may have committed. However, it doesn't necessarily always mean they are guilty of this. This can be done directly to the victims face or indirectly via covert means such as gaslighting.

Gaslighting is when the abuser utilizes means such as moving items around the home and/or switching equipment and devices on or off in an effort to convince their victim that they are losing the plot.

Repeated exposure to these types of abuse can lead the victim into questioning their own sanity which can be a very dangerous path to take.

Indeed some mental abusers go the full length and manage to convince their victims to go to the doctor and have potentially dangerous medication prescribed for their mythical symptoms, medication that the victims don't really need.

Once this has been established the abuser can then use the solid evidence of an official diagnosis and prescribed medication to prove that they were telling the truth about their victim all along, when in actuality they are the one who has mental health issues and possibly needs medication or professional help.

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