Monday, 30 March 2015

Cerebral Narcissism & The Covert Narcissist

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (Malignant Self-Love)

Overt Cerebral Narcissism
A Cerebral Narcissist is a person who is inflicted with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), who has a tendency to use their intelligence in order to put themselves up on a pedestal and to attain attention, whilst simultaneously trying to use their knowledge to make others seem inferior.

Cerebral narcissists always have a story to tell, no matter what the subject or topic is, and will often interrupt the conversation to shift the focus of attention on to themselves. They may do so whilst subtly belittling or degrading certain victims in seemingly innocent conversation, in order to make themselves seem more intelligent, and they will usually tell their story only how it relates to them.

Cerebral narcissists are quick to offer advice, believing that their words of advice are far more superior to anyone else's and that their advice should always be adhered to. Anyone who does not take their advice is seen as a fool in the eyes of the cerebral narcissist.

The cerebral narcissist believes that they always know best and they can never admit when they are wrong (even when proven wrong), no matter how distorted or skewed their information, advice or worldview is. Cerebral narcissists often put down and insult the people around them, to boost their own egotism and make themselves feel superior, regardless of their own flaws.

Covert Cerebral Narcissism
Despite the belief that narcissists are either cerebral or somatic, this isn't always the case. Covert narcissists tend to be a bit of both although they don't openly exhibit these behaviours. Because they are covert, or stealthy, they tend to keep their intelligence to themselves - they don't want their victim(s) knowing how clever they really are.

That way, if a victim does attempt to undermine their ability, intelligence or level of awareness (by secretly planning to escape, for example), the victim won't realize that the covert narcissist has already considered the situation and put security measures in place to prevent it from happening and are already watching them closely just in case.

In other words, the covert narcissist utilizes their cerebral narcissism sneakily, craftily, slyly and stealthily in order to keep their victim(s) tied to a leash, without actually ever openly displaying their true level of intelligence. Covert narcissists will take pride in successfully being able to do so and due to their secret "super-human" capacity for manipulation, will always manage to stay twenty-two steps ahead.

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  1. Dear Marc Hubs, I HAVE to deal with narcissistic psychopathology. PLURAL. DO you do private consultations via phone/e-mail? I need concrete absolute individualized advice; an ear, shoulder. 5 years legally sanctioned horrific abuse. My Mom "AIP" tricked into guardianship institutionalized. 'US' home for years thrown out lies Because we love & I KNOW Neglect isolation malpractice felony abuses horrific, impossible. The law, mediation, advocacy = = MORE HEINOUS ABUSE. Lifespan of Greater Rochester NY rules. Memory Care are run like cults. Lofty words closed doors anti-psychotics We are dying. Thanks for any guidance, referrals.

  2. Last week I was in a public transit situation (a ferry specifically) and a NPD was next to me. It was thirty-five minutes of listening to him one up me. "Of course it's a different climate there. Duh. No offense." Then came the stream of who he knows, connections, and the blatant lie about saying hello to the son of the first architect on this island. I volunteer at the history museum so I said, "First architect? Are you sure?" Then I just endured this one-way conversation. Sadly, I then gave him a ride to some place. It was an office where again he probably lied about working there. He made comments about the interior of my car, etc. I felt totally slimed, particularly when he said he enjoyed talking to me. He kept asking me where I was going. Home. I am going home. Right home. Home. I went home. Whew.