Friday, 3 July 2015

The Social Boundaries Of Sociopathy

Boundaries of Sociopathy
Every family has certain set social boundaries that they automatically adhere to, although those boundaries will inevitably be different for different families. Such boundaries are automatically set by the head(s) of the household and are an absolute necessity for a stable environment to live in, especially if children are involved.

Such social boundaries are set in order for the family members to maintain respect for the head(s) of the household and to continue to respect their position of authority, as long as that position of authority is not being abused. These boundaries are necessary and without them, members of the family would lose respect for those responsible for them and would soon lose respect their position of authority.

In other words, giving certain family members too much freedom and allowing them to overstep those boundaries on a continual basis is likely to result in not just a lack of respect and authority for those who should be in the authoritarian position (i.e. parents/guardians) but is also likely to result in the disrespectful family members attempting to take over that position of authority. Such positions of authority within family relationships are statutory rights, to overstep those boundaries is, in fact, a violation of basic human rights and is a criminal act. Overstepping such social boundaries is a sociopathic behaviour.

On the other hand, a parent or guardian who abuses their position of authority to control and manipulate other family members would also be overstepping the boundaries and violating the other family member's basic human rights - everyone has the right to live and that is a legal right which should never be violated. Doing so is nothing short of sociopathic abuse yet sometimes families have to deal with people who are not even part of their family attempting to take over their position(s) of authority or interfering with their basic human rights - such people are also committing sociopathic abuse and are usually either narcissists, sociopaths/psychopaths or histrionics.

In the real world (and not the deluded world of narcopaths), violating other people's basic human rights by violating their social boundaries and/or position(s) of authority is a shameless behaviour which is the result of psychiatric illness.

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