Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Invisible (Stealth) Narcissist & Secret Affairs

In addition to the traditional covert narcissist, another type of covert narcissist known as the invisible, or stealth, narcissist exists.

Stealth narcissists work in conjunction with classic covert narcissists and not only are they compatible with each other but they are a perfect match.

Whereas covert narcissists are cold, callous, manipulative and deceitful, stealth (or invisible) narcissists are of a more crafty, sneaky nature and ensure that they remain outside of the spotlight and hidden in the shadows.

Covert narcissists are generally notorious for maintaining secret affairs and covering up their tracks with expertise, ensuring that those affairs remain covered up with those affairs sometimes continuing for decades. Such affairs are often initiated in party settings where the covert narcissist may be able to blame their impulsive provocative behaviour on having too much to drink and making out it was a one-off event.

Any relationships initiated in this way by a covert narcissist often continue behind the scenes and in reality claims of drinking too much alcohol were used as an excuse to deter any further suspicion. The covert narcissist may therefore simultaneously encourage other people to focus solely on the one-off event, whenever it is mentioned, to give the impression that it was just a one-off event thereby deterring any suspicion that things could be carrying on behind the scenes.

Because invisible/stealth narcissists are so crafty and sneaky in their behaviour and the way they act, they provide a perfect match for the covert narcissist to carry out their affair with. Because the stealth narcissist is also dishonest, self-centered and deceitful, they may also have a relationship partner who they are cheating on but will continue to do so with ease as though it means nothing. Combined with the covert narcissist's superhuman capacity for psychological manipulation, the stealth narcissist's ability to remain in the shadows and out of sight provides the perfect opportunity for keeping such a deceitful relationship completely hidden.

In this respect, the covert narcissist will be the person who faces other people and who uses their capacity for manipulation to plant the seeds of deceit. At the same time, the stealth narcissist who they are having an affair with remains completely outside of those people's awareness - those people may not know who the stealth narcissist is, due to psychological misdirection, and if they were present when the affair was initiated then they may have even been deceived into believing that the person (the stealth narcissist) is no longer around.

Stealth/invisible narcissists are so stealthy that they can convince other people that they have left the location, or even the country, so that they can continue with their sordid affairs and this can often go on for several years.

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