Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Inside The Mind Of An Invisible Narcopath

The Mask of Sanity
Public Domain Image
"You don't know me.  You may think that you do but you don't.  Not really.

You don't know me because I am made of you and you are made of me.

You are made of me because you are what I have manipulated you into becoming and yet you can't even see it...

... and I can take it away just as easily... but I won't. I won't because I have too much control over you and although you don't know it, you are just another source of narcissistic supply...

... You may think you know me but you don't.  You don't know the real me.  For I have spent years dedicated to fabricating my false exterior and this fabrication has now become my reality, my true reality.  My lies are now the truth - they are my truth... but you can never see through my facade because I play my part so perfectly, so flawlessly and with such charisma that you fall for it every time.

Of course, I would never admit it - not to you, not to anyone else and not to my self, my real, real  self.

You may think you know me  but you don't.  You are a fool.  You are a fool for allowing me to control you the way I do and yet you don't even realize that I'm doing it.  That makes you less of a person than me and deserving of being controlled in such a way.  That makes me omnipotent. I have that special gift - that special gift of being able to 'switch off' my conscience - that gift that you are not blessed with. That makes you weak.

You believe my lies and continue to believe my lies not realizing that it's all just a part of my facade.

You become a part of my delusion, a part of the new reality that I have created... but should you ever attempt to expose my secret power then you will feel my wrath - you will pay the price."

 - the invisible narcopath


  1. I saw and that scared the crap out of you. So you trapped me and I played your game as best I could to survive until I had my chance and when it came you were horrified by how strong I was against your medicine and how easily I (literally) threw your crap outside and locked you out for good. When I exposed you online you really lost it. And although I was scared and carried a knife with me for six months I knew I did everything I could to help future victims while keeping myself safe from you. I slept well knowing that. I can spot you a mile away now in others as well. I can smell them. I can see. So I hope your ego keeps you warm at night while you try to convince yourself that you are powerful and not the coward I know you are. The weak, broken, scared, angry bully we both know is your true self.

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  3. Makes my hair stand on end to experience how accurately this expertly hidden reality is articulated here...