Friday, 15 May 2015

The Covert & Elite Narcissist Conspiracy

Narcissist Secrets
The official diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) generally applies to those who are classic, or elite, narcissists. Whilst such people are labelled as being overt narcissists and often openly display their overt narcissistic behaviour, many of them also have a covert side; secrets, or things which are kept in the closet.

It's no secret that elite narcissists are often very successful people. The reason being that they will step on other people in order to get what they want and the way they use and manipulate people in such a way may be kept behind closed doors. Of course, many elite/classic narcissists manipulate their way into positions of authority and power which they can then use to further get away with manipulating people.

Some of them may be overtly very rich and successful and may be entrepreneurs. However, on a covert level it's also likely that many of them are consistently using underhand tactics to establish such a status or perhaps using legitimate businesses as a cover for criminal acts, such as secretly supplying illegal substances, for example.

Such narcissists also regard themselves as highly privileged people and believe that only other such privileged people are entitled to associate with them. They therefore may team up with other like-minded narcissists and may join secret societies such as the Freemasons, where they can form a circle of like-minded people within the society. Given the fact that they are so manipulative and exploitative, they will inevitably go on to develop some level of control over other members within the secret society thereby forming another secret society within the original secret society.

All victims of narcissistic abuse know for a fact that conspiracies do exist; they have been conspired against themselves by the narcissist(s) and their flying monkeys.There is nothing that can stop elite narcissists using covert forms of manipulation and abuse to make their way to the top. The elite narcissist uses their flying monkeys, or pawns, to manipulate their way to the top but the pawns don't realize it because the bigger picture has been compartmentalized; each flying monkey only knows enough to be able to carry out the task and make their contribution. Unbeknownst to them, their tasks are all part of a bigger picture leading to a final outcome.

Due to the way the bigger picture is compartmentalized and divided between the pawns, there is nothing that can stop elite narcissists from forming a covert hierarchy inside of an already existing organization; secret societies and governments being perfect examples, or even from forming a new organization from scratch for a new sub-organization to secretly operate within. In this sense, many narcissists are leading double lives and it's probable that many secret societies are founded by elite narcissists.

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Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Narcissist's Dance (Malignant Narcissism)

Narcissistic abuse is not consistent and it tends to happen in cycles getting increasingly worse over time. It's subtle, often covert, and insidious in nature. When a narcissist may be having a secret affair or even living an entire secret life (as some of them do) they will most likely act extremely happy with their relationship (usually because they are) and make out to their partner that everything is better than ever.

They will make their partner feel comfortable and they will make the effort to make the relationship work. Technically, for the narcissist, things are better than ever - the victim is allowing them to get away with their lies, abuse and cheating and the narcissist is successfully doing so. However, should the victim start to question the narcissist about any of their suspicions then this is when the abuse is likely to start once again.

The narcissist will start acting the victim once again, making out that they are sick and tired of such accusations and probably that the victim is paranoid and being abusive again. The narcissist will then proceed to destroy the victim's reputation by setting up a distortion campaign and spreading malicious lies and rumours mixed with negative truths about them behind their back, should the victim keep on pushing.

The victim will be deemed the crazy one unless they just shut up and let the narcissist carry on with their secret lies, abuse and sordid affairs indefinitely. The pattern is repeated throughout the entire relationship (the narcissist's dance).

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