Friday, 22 April 2016

Are You A Former Victim Of Narcissistic Abuse?

Calling all former victims of narcissistic/sociopathic abuse - your help is needed for a study which has been approved by the Carleton University Research Ethics Board. This research aims to identify the outcome of being in a romantic abusive relationship and how it relates to former victims developing resilience and growth after anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc.

Ideally, candidates should be over 18 years old and should have been involved in a heterosexual relationship involving narcissistic/sociopathic abuse for a significant period of time. This study is unique in that it mainly focuses on interpersonal and emotional consequences of suffering such abuse.

The findings of this study may very well have an affect on the way that victimization of narcissistic/sociopathic abuse is seen, viewed and dealt with by legal systems, not only potentially helping to discover avenues which may mitigate difficulties of victimization but also to improve the efficiency of relevant health support services for those who have been victimized.

The study should take approximately 1.5 hours to complete and involves self-report questionnaires and two behavioural tasks. No personally identifying information is required of any participants. Participating requires going to a secure data collection website, setting up a secure password-protected account where a pseudonym (false name) is to be used.

This study is unique to former victims of narcissistic/sociopathic abuse and may be the first study of it's kind, focusing mainly on victims rather than on narcissistic/sociopathic disordered persons with the intent of developing better support for former victims from support workers and Crown attorneys in a legal setting.

To register for a secure account (again, no personally identifying information is required) and to participate in this research, please visit the Carleton University Aftermath page here:

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  1. I am in school now to become a family marriage counselor. I am also divorced from a narcissist. I've been trying to find information on data about the TARGETS, and helping them, and am finding nothing. So happy something is being done. I'd love to learn more about your research.