Sunday, 29 May 2016

Empathy: The Key To Psychic Awareness

After years of research and direct experience with narcissistic abuse, plus communication with former victims, it is now clear that many victims often go on to develop psychic abilities.

Although recovery from narcissistic abuse takes many years, former victims usually go on to develop significantly higher levels of empathy than they previously had, before going through their experiences with a narcissist. After such a horrendous long-term experience, of course, it makes sense that they would feel free, liberated and would appreciate the world more.

For many of them, coming out of the other side of long-term narcissistic abuse often leads them into becoming more spiritual people and they become more aware, not just of the physical world but also of the metaphysical world - almost like an upgrade of their psyche which kicks into action, this upgrade of their psyche not only helping their wellbeing but also helping them to become more aware of potential threats - a defence mechanism based on psychic awareness.

Whilst it's true that some people were victimized by narcissists because they were already empaths, many former victims go on to become full-blown empaths after their experience and develop high levels of intuition, not only to the point that they can feel the emotions of people close to them but also to the point whereby they can sometimes pick up on those people's thoughts telepathically also.

Furthermore, with high levels of empathy comes higher vibration and many former victims also find themselves being able to tune into and perceive the spirit world. They may develop abilities such as telepathy and precognition but perhaps most notably, psychometry - to perceive energy from an inanimate object. That is, they may go on to feel empathy for their car, or their laptop, or their musical instrument.

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