Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A Major Announcement:

Recovered former victims of narcissistic abuse are wanted to feature in a new video documentary, to be produced by Marc Hubs (Sparkster) & Co.

Basic Rules:

You should be free of all control and no longer be in contact with your narcissist(s).

Your experience of being victimized must have lasted for at least five years or more.

You must be emotionally and mentally healthy enough to be able to answer specific questions and talk about your experience(s) openly.

To apply:

If you are interested in taking part in this project, you can either send a direct message to the Facebook page here:


Or you can message Marc Hubs directly through the Facebook profile here:



By producing this documentary we hope to portray the subjective experience of victims as accurately as possible whilst presenting a taste of the devastating effects of having to endure such experiences.

This will give you the opportunity to have your say and to provide any information which you believe can help people develop a better understanding of the dynamics of being involved with a narcissist.

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